The Stanley Cup

character cup double meaning Hall of Fame literalism mug the office - 4828988672

The Oldest Ick in the Book

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Created by speccy94

True Companions

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Trolldad is the Best Dad

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Thanks for That, Mom.

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First World Problems and the Solution To

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For a Knock-Out Cup of Coffee

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Created by Ajord_Veurdr

These Kinds of Puns Really Extink!

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Created by djrcreative ( Via Etsy )

IN 3-D

cup D double meaning literalism size three - 5474374144

Have a Cup of Courage!

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Created by Unknown

This Cup Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

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Created by Unknown

I Bet That's Secretly Coffee

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Created by xyzpdq1

I'm a Little Upset it's Not Peanut Butter...

candy cup double meaning literalism peanut butter - 5063657984
Created by KillerCake

Care For One?

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