She Just Wants to Go Back to Her Own Living Quarters

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Via Ryan Lowrie

This is Me Around My Friends

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By thatguy1212

This Submission Bites

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By Static_Bunny (Via The Pepper Pancake)

The Only Things Missing Are Face Book and Goo Gull

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By pedretta

Haaay You Two

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By Unknown


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Via Angriest Pear

Well, He Did Ask...

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By Snake73


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By Unknown


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By Unknown

File Under: WTF?

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By drassher


comic crackalackin cracker Deal With It lacking literalism meme slang wtf - 4682995200
By Unknown

Get in the Car Loser, We're Going Shooping

comic Hall of Fame literalism meme quote rage Rage Comics shoop similar sounding - 4646474240
By Mio


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By Unknown

The Oregon Trail of Tears

comic Death died homophones mac pixelated video game - 4415658752
By Unknown

Wireless Technology

bird birds comic double meaning literalism technology weird - 4791729664
By Jambon-X

So Many Memes, So Little Time

cliché comic literalism meme Memes nine similar sounding - 4921655808
By Unknown
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