The Colors!

hue color manatee - 7416281088


color dyslexia dyslexic Hall of Fame letters literalism Magneto power similar sounding x men - 4864343296

The Dark Knight Rises

balloon batman color dark double meaning Hall of Fame knight literalism the dark knight rises - 6420273152
Via Reddit

So Cute, So Dangerous

navy seal double meaning literalism color - 6678553088
Created by Kraken42

I Wouldn't Want to See a Meth Lab, Then...

black chocolate color double meaning lab labrador literalism prefix - 5550984704
Created by LOLdogexpert

College Football Time!

college color double meaning football laundry detergent literalism name - 6578672640
Created by Unknown


castle color he man similar sounding - 4498961152
Created by Uastis

Colorful Language Use

compliment color pun - 7732706560

Only in America...

bag bags color double meaning literalism trash - 4659723776
Created by mugglemomof3

They Are Many and Varied

black color double meaning Hall of Fame literalism stereotypes - 5796896000
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That's Why I Bought the Special Edition iPhone Kenyan!

black color iphone runs stereotype white - 5937422592

Must Be From Montana

color double meaning literalism slang trash white - 5214548992
Created by Annihilatedxx

If I Cee Another Cee Lo Joke...

cee lo cee-lo green color green literalism name similar sounding surname - 5695638528
Created by sernavictor13

I Think Literal Oasis is More Interesting Than Figurative Oasis, TBH

car color double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lyrics song - 5980618240
Created by briansnickermcgraw