coffee double meaning house literalism - 5439976192

Classic Newb Hipster Mistake!

answer before burn coffee cool double meaning hipster literalism question tongue - 6613020416
Created by deathwish01b


added letter coffee literalism power quote similar sounding Spider-Man - 6402878720
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Shouldn't the Picture be Sunn O))) Instead?

band coffee double meaning hashtag label literalism metal metallica - 5225816064
Created by Luisin

I Sympathize With This Cranky Cup o' Joe

coffee double meaning feeling flavor Hall of Fame literalism taste - 5961740800
Created by xyzpdq1 ( Via Gemma Correll )

It'll Have You Doing Barrel Rolls!

coffee Hall of Fame literalism logo similar sounding Starbucks video game - 4727476736
Created by CoffeeshopFrank ( Via dragon-alien.deviantart.com )

Go Ahead, Fill'er Up!

coffee puns sugar - 7910556672


coffee mug shot - 4077018624
Created by Sebastiaan


coffee deer Starbucks stars - 4023663360
Created by Jazz_handz

Not So Much Demeaning As Merely Descriptive...

bag coffee double meaning flavor literalism pejorative Starbucks - 5884924416
Created by buzmurdock

Make Sure You Never Need Help From the IT Department First

funny pun image IT coffee java sign joke
Via lanechr

And Then My Hands Start to Slippy Off the Steering Column

adjective angry character coffee double meaning lolwut name nintendo noun peppy Staring video game - 5378852864
Created by Bendyrulz ( Via NoPUNintendo )

Nothin' Like a Morning Cup o' Joe

coffee literalism similar sounding slang - 4856528128
Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Ooh, Baby...

puns coffee product names funny - 7654823424
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He Was a Bit of a Health Nut

adolf hitler anxiety coffee Hall of Fame hitler ill similar sounding switch - 6134458624
Created by Unknown


puns facebook coffee funny - 7690973440
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