AKA Every Single Coffee Shop in the World

coffee double meaning holy literalism name sign - 5716449024
By sasukefangirl600

Owl Bee Seeing You

i will Owl similar sounding literalism coffee shape shoop - 6634354944
By Ginctm

Crime and Pun-ishment!

puns coffee web comics - 8821724160
Via AlexHoffman

I Sympathize With This Cranky Cup o' Joe

coffee double meaning feeling flavor Hall of Fame literalism taste - 5961740800
By xyzpdq1 (Via Gemma Correll)

Go Ahead, Fill'er Up!

coffee puns sugar - 7910556672
By Unknown

Nothin' Like a Morning Cup o' Joe

coffee literalism similar sounding slang - 4856528128
By SirNottaguy-Imadad

He Was a Bit of a Health Nut

adolf hitler anxiety coffee Hall of Fame hitler ill similar sounding switch - 6134458624
By Derek Bryant

SMP CLASSIC: He Should Have Taken the Espresso Lane

similar sounding apology coffee added letter late latte - 6833990400
By LJPhil

And Then My Hands Start to Slippy Off the Steering Column

adjective angry character coffee double meaning lolwut name nintendo noun peppy Staring video game - 5378852864
By Bendyrulz (Via NoPUNintendo)


coffee double meaning house literalism - 5439976192
By Unknown

It'll Have You Doing Barrel Rolls!

coffee Hall of Fame literalism logo similar sounding Starbucks video game - 4727476736
By CoffeeshopFrank (Via dragon-alien.deviantart.com)


coffee mug shot - 4077018624
By Sebastiaan


american apology coffee excuse late latte similar sounding sorry - 4495827968
By Unknown

Shouldn't the Picture be Sunn O))) Instead?

band coffee double meaning hashtag label literalism metal metallica - 5225816064
By Luisin

Not So Much Demeaning As Merely Descriptive...

bag coffee double meaning flavor literalism pejorative Starbucks - 5884924416
By buzmurdock

Mocha Gangnam Style

art coffee latte similar sounding - 6622810624
By Sarah W
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