This Cup Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

cant club cup handle lyric me mug now right similar sounding slogan song - 5753996544

I'm Like Royalty on the Dance Floor!

ace card cards club double meaning literalism queen suit ten - 5390522624
Created by Seraphinae ( Via My Cardboard Life )

Then She Grilled Me About the Meeting

before club Hall of Fame her herbivore Lame Pun Coon similar sounding vegetarian - 5597000960
Created by Unknown


club flirting lol me gusta meme pickup line rage comic raising rhyme rooster - 4564212736
Created by Unknown

It Fits With My 'Dancing is Masochistic' Theory

club double meaning literalism - 5413999616
Created by meme-stream

And it Was Packed Front to Bach!

club adage handle handel homophone cant - 6939296000
Created by Unknown

Designated Driver

club double meaning driver golf literalism - 4816061184
Created by xyzpdq1