cee lo

For All the 'Community' Fans Out There...

cee-lo green shoop similar sounding literalism cee lo change - 6707671808
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Who Turned Out the Lights?

cee lo - 7341157888
By Unknown

Cee Lo Green Don't Give No Ducks

cee lo cee-lo green duck ducks Hall of Fame literalism lyrics parody single song - 4709732352
By MikeV

If I Cee Another Cee Lo Joke...

cee lo cee-lo green color green literalism name similar sounding surname - 5695638528
By sernavictor13

I See The Sun Goin' Down in the Town I Love...

cee lo cee-lo green Hall of Fame literalism silhouette similar sounding suffix - 5676020736
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And the Reframe Saga Reaches a New Cee Lo...

cee lo cee-lo green homophones literalism Reframe shoop silhouette similar sounding suffix - 5682020352
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