No, Really, It's a Trap!

ackbar admiral ackbar catchphrase double meaning its a trap literalism quote star wars trap - 4787229696
Created by xyzpdq1

Ain't Nobody Got Thyme Fo Dat!

catchphrase time recipe thyme homophone double meaning - 6977945856
Created by firstp0ke

Go Go Power Users!

catchphrase Hall of Fame power rangers quote similar sounding time - 5002754816
Created by xyzpdq1

The Commercial Featuring Bill Murray Really Sells it!

bill murray butter catchphrase Ghostbusters goat quote similar sounding Theme Song - 5678392576
Created by yoxi

The Latest Casualty in the Homer Games

catchphrase the simpsons - 6166659328
Via Nathan Bulmer


bratwurst catchphrase cliché homophones - 4342591488
Created by lollerderby


catchphrase force franchise literalism Mass obi-wan kenobi physics quote star wars - 4506095104
Created by NJStarr

Gives New Meaning to 'Going Commando'

catchphrase double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo - 6218439936
Created by pedretta

This Trek is Sick!

catchphrase final frontier Hall of Fame literalism quote similar sounding space Spock Star Trek vinyl - 5156765184
Created by membery782

Ackbar Always Gets Caught With His Pants Down

ackbar catchphrase crap its a trap literalism rhyme rhyming star wars T.Shirt - 4794588928
Created by chompipeando ( Via 6dollarshirts.com )


catchphrase chewbacca franchise holiday literalism obi-wan kenobi quote similar sounding slogan star wars yoda - 4725874944


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There's a Snake in My Boot!

catchphrase literalism snake toy story woody - 4982666240
Created by MKM1988
batman catchphrase exclamation holy literalism metal Movie pun robin Video - 29243137

Holy Rusted Metal, Batman!

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I Just Don't Think Mr. T is Cut Out for the Food Service Industry

catchphrase Ad job the a-team work McDonald's mr t - 6847340800
Via Pandyland


black catchphrase comparison mr t tea the a-team - 4116740608
Created by CAVOODLES
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