I C What U Did There

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Why'd They Send Me Sharpies When I Asked For Pens?

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business names that are puns |  THORASSIC PARK 21ST CENTURY CHIROPRACTIC Jurassic park | PLANET GRAPES WINES SPIRITS 020 7405 4912 NETOFTHEGRAPES.CO.UK Planet of the apes

Pun Business Names That Really Went For It

Let's make chiropractics fun!
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Damn Dogs!

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Don't Bait too Hard Now

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rich owner's son told truth that he doesn't own the business | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/senoramoncada AITA telling my friend he is basically an employee his dad and not business owner like he says he is? Not hole My friend J comes wealthy family as his dad owns several successful businesses. He's not snob, but recently he's become bit preachy about s better be an entrepreneur than an employee talked about several times before been working financial company 9 years

Owner's Son Hears the Truth about His Own Ambition

Your dad's business isn't your business.
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really bad business practices

The Worst Business Practices People Have Seen

What a bold strategy.
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I Was Lion When I Said There Was a Witch in Your Wardrobe, Too

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