And Most Other Places Too

angle big double meaning huge Japan literalism perspective - 6570959616
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Different Lung Capacities, But They're Both Weezy

big lil wayne literalism little opposites size - 6612697856
Created by glennvolio

SMP CLASSIC: Let's Just Hope You're Resourceful in Your Devotion

big classic double meaning fan Hall of Fame literalism - 6324098304
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Yo Dawg, I Heart You Like Bigfoot...

big bigfoot foot literalism Xzibit yo dawg - 6373514496
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batman big double meaning fan Hall of Fame homophone literalism - 5244962304
Created by Unknown

Big Foot Caught on Camera

big bigfoot camera caught double meaning foot literalism - 6544834048
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Nice Use of Your Screenshot Program, Submitter

big caught double meaning FAIL foot literalism lolwut tape - 5288073216
Created by -Rukia_Kuchiki-

A Big Mistake

big double meaning homophones literalism miss mistake steak - 6108071936
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The Big Bang

big literalism - 5384283904
Created by 64BitFrost

The Most Expensive Fast Food Ever?

big burger computer double meaning literalism product small - 4955012352
Created by TehFatMan

Talk About a Fickle Pickle

big dill double meaning Hall of Fame literalism pickle similar sounding - 5769378816
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