Are You Sure You Got the Poles Right?

bear double meaning literalism minus plus polar polar bear bad puns - 5381395712
Created by thepeterlong

This Week's Prize Fight: Tyson Ursus Bearhands

bare bear double meaning Hall of Fame hands homophone literalism - 5451499776
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bear cute gloves hands puns - 3606227456
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He's Been There for Hours and He's Just Bearly Starting to Color

bear literalism lolwut polar polar bear rhyme rhyming similar sounding tanning - 5292841728
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bear double meaning literalism minus negative plus polar shoop - 6470941184
Created by greenmanwbhs

What Strong Hands

bear bare - 7416282624
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My Bear to Cross

bear cross Hall of Fame idiom literalism reversal switch switcheroo - 6236558336
Created by Vvicked


arms bare bear homophone second amendment - 4118795776
Created by Little_BIG_Head

Does That Also Give You the Right to Free Touch-Ups?

arms bear double meaning literalism right second amendment - 6083516672
Created by Unknown

Reading is Beary Important

unbearable puns bear funny - 7459366400
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The Hippest Kind of Hug

bear double meaning literalism lolwut - 5588290048
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Looks More Fuzzy-Faced to Us

bear bare lie - 7317889280
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Who the F&@# is Bonny Bear??

bear confused Hall of Fame misinterpretation similar sounding twitter - 5834445568
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bear double meaning literalism lolwut offer sandwich stuffed stupid wolf - 4774434816
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Never Nude Bear Is Modest

pun bear dress - 7763545600
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Well, This Escalated Quickly...

alpaca animals bear elephant giraffes hawk horse koala lion Owl variations on a theme - 6357149440
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