Puns N' Roses

band guns n roses Hall of Fame literalism product similar sounding song sweet - 4969967104
By MaX001
band double meaning horse literalism lost money song title Video - 21249025

Lost Money on a Horse

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Shouldn't the Picture be Sunn O))) Instead?

band coffee double meaning hashtag label literalism metal metallica - 5225816064
By Luisin
puns food band - 53724673

Terrible Band Food Puns

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And Here I Thought We Were Gonna Strip Nickelback of Their 'Worst Band' Title

band better comparison FAIL meme - 6525281536
By Unknown


band bees double meaning g letter literalism musicians singing song Songs - 4563273728
By Thrashard

One Step Closer to the Hedge

band double meaning in link literalism name park - 4820731392
By -Nayce


band link lyrics parody rewrite song the legend of zelda - 4130710272
By punchamelon

Rilo Kyrie

band juxtaposition literalism similar sounding - 6103625472
Via Visual Stimulation


band Hall of Fame homophone literalism mew Music photoshop Pokémon - 4747493888
By Unknown


band Music - 4106706432
By kolgrad


band cheesy literalism Music similar sounding terrible - 4774595072
By Unknown

You Know What The Only Card You Need is, Don't You?

goggles literalism band - 7031676928
By Kuturkokov (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Great Shirt, or Greatest Shirt?

band Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding surname - 6482234624
Via Reddit

Literary Pulp at Its Angstiest!

band double meaning literalism novel romance song trash puns - 5583209472
Via Uncyclopedia


band black-eyed peas double meaning idiom ipod literalism peas pod - 5407684608
By Unknown
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