It's in the bag. No seriously look it's in the bag. We don't have it physically, but it is there. However you consider it, the bag is definitely what the cat came out of. So reach into your bag of tricks and make some room for even more hilarious bag humor.

Not So Much Demeaning As Merely Descriptive...

bag coffee double meaning flavor literalism pejorative Starbucks - 5884924416
Created by buzmurdock

Sleeping Bag

bag double meaning literalism sleeping - 6510700288
Created by netsnets ( Via Happy Smart Book )

We Laughed! We Cried! We Were Ashamed!

Awkward bag Hall of Fame ICWUDT lolwut misinterpretation - 6462189312
Via Reddit


bag double meaning Hall of Fame literalism tea - 6260631040
Via Phil Jones


bag dirt double meaning literalism - 6596928000
Created by netsnets ( Via Happy Smart Book )

Only in America...

bag bags color double meaning literalism trash - 4659723776
Created by mugglemomof3

Not So Secret Anymore

bag cat cliché double meaning idiom out - 5376216832
Created by GravityFish