Bad Joke Eel

Savior the Flavor

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Created by spoffle

The Case is Really Going Viral

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Created by NeilRashbrook

Hold the Scotch, She's Watching Her Weight

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Created by Darkddmaster

Bad Joke Eel Makes Babies Cry

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I Think I Still Prefer the Coon...

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Created by zoe

This Inspirational Quote Makes Me Feel Eel

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Created by C-fax ( Via Reddit )


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Created by NeilRashbrook

April Is on the Move

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Bad Joke Eel Talks Sports

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Via Reddit

Criminals Like That Deserve to Do Time

Bad Joke Eel calendar groan-inducing Hall of Fame theft thieves - 6462565120

Or Just 'Sad'

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Created by me_gusta_man

Not With That Attitude You Won't!

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I Sea What You Did There, Bad Joke Eel

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