Just Be Careful You Don't Get iAbetes...

apple burger double meaning Hall of Fame logo mac McDonald's shape - 5420230400
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apple censorship puns steve jobs the flash - 3730828288
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Maybe He Pressed Jobs Too Hard?

apple cider double meaning homophones in insider literalism - 5597014528
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Well, That's Ironic...

competition business card irony apple - 6793747200
By tonis

Apple Sunk my battle ship!

apple double meaning homophone iTunes ship sink sinking sync syncing - 4603850752
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puns apple funny - 7565604352
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Sweet Talker

orange apple - 7402278656
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apple apples double meaning literalism lolwut - 5415328256
By Unknown

It Tastes a Little... Metallic?

pi pun - Ipod - TC iPad SO MUCH PUN.COM
By maxystone
apple British double meaning fruit orange technology Video - 12831489


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Core Audience

youtube puns apple funny - 7645208576
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Advertising at its Finest

apple bees double meaning literalism restaurant - 6331905280
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Explains Why People Gravitate Toward Their Products

apple double meaning Gravity ipad isaac newton macintosh physics - 5442297600
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addition apple equation Hall of Fame Harry Potter similar sounding snape - 6092217856
By Lucky810

Apple Tablets

tablet literalism apple double meaning - 6772124672
By ScienceDog

So Many People Do Every Day

apple cliché double entendre double meaning innuendo iphone literalism tap - 5831558912
By caio.L-D
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