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This is Tumblr in a Nutshell

added letter double meaning literalism prince tumblr Wales whales - 5469928704
By LissyFishy

Iron-Strength Coffee With Rich Undertonys

added letter iron man marvel shoop Starbucks stark surname tony stark - 6579834112
By LeSparta


added letter coffee literalism power quote similar sounding Spider-Man - 6402878720
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John Handcock

hand chicken added letter literalism - 6643129088
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SMP CLASSIC: He Should Have Taken the Espresso Lane

similar sounding apology coffee added letter late latte - 6833990400
By LJPhil

But How Fast Can He Make the Kessel Run?

star wars similar sounding added letter Han Solo hand - 7066663680
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Best Branding Ever?

added letter brand comparison contrast Hall of Fame letter lolwut meme similar sounding t - 4970764288
By xyzpdq1

Turban Outfitters

turban added letter similar sounding - 6653626368
By tamaleknight

Good Thing He's Not in an X-Men Movie...

added letter Hall of Fame literalism marvel Samuel L Jackson similar sounding The Avengers - 6218505472
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Fozzie Osbourne

added letter Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding the muppets - 6145922048
By Fatalyze

That's Not Particularly Reassuring...

added letter answer f going location of off question - 5924154112
By LOLdogexpert

A (C)Horus Line

added letter chorus line literalism - 6424020224
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added letter elephant elephants literalism pants similar sounding suffix - 6230024704
By milknud (Via Milknud)

The Most Honorable Military Accolade

literalism added letter - 7114641664
By Unknown