abbreviation bus cereal Hall of Fame homophone literalism misinterpretation serial USB - 4977488896
Created by Unknown

She's a Fe-Male!

iron iron maiden iron man costume halloween female abbreviation periodic table element - 6675831552
Created by Unknown

'Hi Terry.'

AA abbreviation Alcoholics Anonymous batteries battery double meaning literalism - 6564055296
Created by Unknown

Mayo You Make An Awesome Sandwich On This Day

abbreviation cinco de mayo double meaning Hall of Fame literalism may mayo spanish - 5790288128
Created by dbfnq

Better Than an Oxymeowron...

abbreviation Hall of Fame homophones literalism pair paradox similar sounding - 5348405248
Created by ImWoodChuck

Tard Approves

element abbreviation periodic table Chemistry no - 6963905792
Created by Unknown


abbreviation acronym literalism lsd similar sounding - 5408193792
Created by Unknown

Yo Dawg...

abbreviation croc crocodile homophone literalism punception yo dawg - 5892084224
Created by Ravehcok

As Long As You Don't Call Me Late for Dinner

abbreviation call double meaning literalism map name state - 5023638784
Created by Ryan Sharman

Post-Traumatic Bake Disorder

abbreviation cookies double meaning gingerbread gingerbread man Hall of Fame homophone literalism nam nom slang Vietnam - 5286370560
Created by Han.D.Jay

A Creature Steeped in Mythos

abbreviation double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism tea t rex tyrannosaurus rex - 5673110272
Created by rocket-taco ( Via Chooglin )
Video scrubs or abbreviation homophones double meaning cheeky amazing - 43335425

O R They?

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ICWUDT, Nick Grabbe

abbreviation con double meaning literalism misinterpretation - 6518834176
Created by King_Burgers

... But Do They Support IPv6?

abbreviation double meaning lan literalism obi-wan kenobi star wars - 5695785984
Created by megmond

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Let's Get Ready to... Bamboo?

abbreviation classic Hall of Fame panda shirt wrestling wwf - 5882165504
Created by xyzpdq1

Do You Want to Groan Today? Just Read This.

element gold abbreviation periodic table - 7031710208
Created by Unknown
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