Free Radio Blackbeard

double meaning literalism Pirate radio - 6472737792
Via Gemma Correll

Pie Rats of the Carrbeans!

derp Hall of Fame jack sparrow Johnny Depp Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean Rage Comics rage face - 5760393216

So THAT'S Why They Call it the Black Pearl...

Hall of Fame literalism Pirate pirates Pirates of the Caribbean - 5010420736
Created by Fleetline

Not What I Meant Not What I Meant NOT WHAT I MEANT

false expectations misinterpretation Pirate literalism booty double meaning - 7093626880
Created by Galpa ( Via Self-Employed Comics )

It's a Good Letter

Hall of Fame letter lolwut Pirate sound - 5130939648
Created by xyzpdq1

Beware the Pie-Rat!

combination homophone juxtaposition literalism pie Pirate rat shape similar sounding - 5380589824
Created by BloodMC

File Under: Hilarious and Poorly Executed

hilarious lolwut Pirate prefix terrible - 5191807488
Created by drassher


buoy catchphrase Pirate - 4037502976
Created by fpfx


sound effect Pirate literalism prefix juxtaposition - 6762904064
Created by Hotchkiss ( Via Hotchkiss Comics )

Wait, How Did We Get Talking About Colors?

cliché facebook orange Pirate prefix sound status - 5244186624
Created by IG Joe

Yarrrrr We Do

answer car Hall of Fame Pirate question sound - 4886236928
Created by Kylebustin ( Via kylebustin.tumblr.com )


double meaning Hall of Fame lego literalism Pirate r2d2 sound star wars - 5868893440
Via Reddit

Call it a Mewtiny

cat out me similar sounding Pirate meow - 7078227712
Created by Unknown