Oh Good! For a Minute I Thought You Were Being a Manatease!

Party accident porpoise purpose similar sounding - 6642234368
By pygmygoatoreo

That's What You Get When You're Stuck At the End of the Loin

cliché cold double meaning idiom late literalism Party shoulder - 5528890880
By dominicsoh (Via Pocket Puns)

Story of My Life

foul fowl homophone literalism Party - 5072258048
By argument

These Guys Are Most Definitely Raven!

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism Party raven similar sounding - 5764051712
By Cuzican

House Party

gifs house hugh laurie literalism Party - 6898787584
By Unknown

You Guys Are Even Better At This Than Jesus!

comparison Hall of Fame hiding invisible jesus ninja Party theme work - 4821635328
By xyzpdq1

Best Shirt? Best Shirt.

T.Shirt Party double meaning - 7042511616
By Unknown

Photographing All the Cosmic Party Rocks

cliché everyday Hall of Fame literalism Party rock shuffling similar sounding - 5923566080
By LOLdogexpert

Things to Do When You're Tired of Partying

Party nothing hanger - 7144975360
By xyzpdq1


double meaning outfit Party search waldo wheres waldo - 4505850112
By Unknown

The Host is Out Standing in His Field

vegetables puns Party funny - 7490307328
Via superweirdfuntimes

This One's a Real RutaBANGER

beet Party scarecrow turnip variations on a theme - 6590063360
By lolkittys479

I Bet it's Gonna Be a Pretty Stellar Get-Together!

Hall of Fame homophone homophones it literalism Party plan planet space - 5968048384
Via Arseniic


plan Party homophones space planet - 6975685376
By Unknown

Soberingly Honesty Halloween Party Glasses

halloween puns Party g rated after 12 - 7853172480
By Unknown


double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lmfao Party Party Rock Anthem rock song - 5355910656
By Unknown
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