comic double meaning ICWUDT literalism meme Memes trollface under underwater water - 4509391872
Created by Unknown


adage cliché ICWUDT literalism nothing stone - 4241227520
Created by fallennangelxx

ICWUDT Mental Floss...

around cliché double meaning globe Hall of Fame ICWUDT literalism name william shakespeare - 5856900096
Created by LOLdogexpert ( Via Mental Floss )

I Sea What You Did There, Bad Joke Eel

Bad Joke Eel cliché double meaning Hall of Fame ICWUDT meme reaction tank - 5844326400
Created by Unknown

The Only Kind That Doesn't Kill the Vibe

chicken double meaning ICWUDT shape slang - 5091322624
Created by smtatertot13 ( Via store.gama-go.com )


butt cat catastrophe combination ICWUDT literalism trophy - 4604443648
Created by Fauxpaws

I Give This Joke a Sub-Zero Rating

double meaning ICWUDT icy literalism meme Mortal Kombat - 5289092608
Created by MKM1988

ICWUDT Optimistic Amputee

double meaning ICWUDT literalism sign - 6414667264
Created by xyzpdq1

I'm Betting They're Vitamin <em>D</em>

D double entendre double meaning ICWUDT innuendo jugs milk - 4655341056
Created by xyzpdq1

Do You Get It?

boat crash cucumber danger iceberg ICWUDT lettuce sea ship - 6171145216
Created by anselmbe

I See What You Kitteh'd There

cat Cats cliché Hall of Fame ICWUDT kitten literalism lolwut similar sounding stupid - 5278688256
Created by Jack


dogs double meaning face FAIL high five ICWUDT literalism oops - 5622653440
Created by electrodinosaur

We Laughed! We Cried! We Were Ashamed!

Awkward bag Hall of Fame ICWUDT lolwut misinterpretation - 6462189312
Via Reddit

ICWUDT, Google

doodle google homophones ICWUDT similar sounding - 6488619776
Via Google

Well Played, Sir. Well Played.

ICWUDT π double meaning silent - 6964264960
Created by Unknown