You Might Try Being More Specific Next Time

double meaning equation I literalism math mathematics more need something - 5285695488
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Hidden in the A-Hole

adage I team - 6736336384
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condition diagnosis homophones I medical pee problem technology - 4372978688
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I Find Your Argument Wholly Irrational!

argument double meaning I literalism math numbers pi real - 6627775232
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I Take Offense to This

ä fence gifs homophone I literalism offense take TO - 6602818560
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Talk About Censor-y Deprivation

can Hall of Fame homophones I literalism nazi not now see - 5028893696
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But You DO Normally Explore the Cosmos...

carl sagan eye eyebrows homophone I - 6291949568
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There's No I...

I idiom literalism team - 6079564032
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I math mathematics number numbers real square root - 4428378624
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eye I students teacher - 3992266240
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So the iKia Breaks as Easily as the iPhone Then?

apple brand I ikea kia nokia prefix Reframe - 5720546304
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God Hates Figs

ä bible derogatory figs god Hall of Fame I letter similar sounding - 5773787648
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I innuendo iphone literalism prefix tap - 4495480320
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I Was Framed!

double meaning exclamation framed I letter literalism - 6172273408
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Orange Ice Cream? I'm Skeptical...

cone double meaning I ice cream ice cream cone literalism scream - 4794149632
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Would You Laugh At This?

I puns wood - 3824205056
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