I Thought Their Friendship Was Strictly Protonic!

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'Incorrect' is a Pretty Relative Term if You Ask Me

Chemistry doing it right double meaning Hall of Fame heavy literalism metal misinterpretation symbols - 5849526016
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You Wouldn't Want Your Test Score to be 007

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Drop the Bass

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Where in the School Yard?

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funny and bad science puns, chemistry, biology, astronomy, math, the periodic table.

Nerd Out: 23 Mostly-Painful Science Puns

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Tard Approves

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nerdgasm inducing science puns that you'll want to fully calculate

23 Geeky Science Puns To Give You A Nerdgasm

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He Shines Brightest On His Own

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No, But I Am Made of Plutonium, Nitrogen, Carbon and Hydrogen...

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Bad Joke Amon

amon Chemistry double meaning Hall of Fame solution The Legend of Korra - 6353163264
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Ten-Second Puns #2

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It Reacts Quite Quickly to Changing Seasons

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Chemistry Puns

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The Scariest Element on the Table, Period.

Chemistry elements surprise science puns - 7921498624
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