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Love, Redefined

wtf zombie love funny - 7826529280
Created by ToolBee

A Severe Case of Battery

wtf baseball zombie funny - 7831749120
Created by Unknown

Zombies are No Match for the Washington

awesome george washington zombie - 4604357120
Created by geha714

When You See It...

best of week nightmare fuel when you see it wtf zombie - 6356303360
Created by Unknown

Always Sleep With Weapons Close By

girls underwear wtf zombie - 5244490496
Created by Unknown

The Military is Using Zombies?!?!

mask military scary wtf zombie - 4816271104
Created by locodice


half life junk food wtf zombie - 3258068736
Created by Unknown

A Smart Property Manager

apocalypse wtf zombie - 5231865856
Created by Serrena ( Via www.newsreview.com )

Welcome To Zombie Disneland!

castle wtf zombie - 5742019584
Created by butterflyperception

Why Would You Track Those?

ninjas pirates wtf zombie - 5015842560
Created by -Ghost-

Lawn of the Dead

best of week lawn gnomes wtf zombie - 6283223296
Created by Unknown
commercial monster Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf zombie - 14356481


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Merry Zombie-X-mas!

christmas tree zombie - 6905285888
Created by Asciicodeplus ( Via Etsy )

Movie Posters Zombified

Movie zombie - 7074714112
Via Neatorama

Brain Kickin' Time

brain dinosaurs wtf zombie - 5468231680
Created by Mistevity

When It Rains... It Pours

best of week wtf zombie - 6300207360
Created by Mortuaryjoe
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