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Must... Eat... Finger Nails...

best of week brains wtf zombie - 6349430272
By Unknown

Come On, Shotgun or GTFO

survival wtf zombie - 5552966656
By butterflyperception (Via www.zombiebottle.com)

Welcome To Zombie Disneland!

castle wtf zombie - 5742019584
By butterflyperception

Love, Redefined

wtf zombie love funny - 7826529280
By ToolBee

Birthday Zombie

birthday creepy kid nightmare fuel zombie - 6537368320
Via Jacobtacular

A Severe Case of Battery

wtf baseball zombie funny - 7831749120
By Unknown

Lawn of the Dead

best of week lawn gnomes wtf zombie - 6283223296
By Unknown

Zombie Princesses

best of week cartoons wtf zombie - 6313894912
By Unknown

Zombies are No Match for the Washington

awesome george washington zombie - 4604357120
By geha714

Pocket Zombies

tiny wtf zombie - 5897813504
By butterflyperception

Brain Kickin' Time

brain dinosaurs wtf zombie - 5468231680
By Mistevity

Dammit The Red Hot Guy's a Zombie!

creepy wtf zombie - 4897143296
By Unknown

Movie Posters Zombified

Movie zombie - 7074714112
Via Neatorama

When You See It...

best of week nightmare fuel when you see it wtf zombie - 6356303360
By Unknown


half life junk food wtf zombie - 3258068736
By Unknown

Carries That Everywhere He Goes

costume tire wtf zombie - 4846218496
By sixonefive72
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