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The Nazgûl Had No Success in Finding Frodo on the Bus

bus Lord of the Rings public transit wtf - 5937449728
Created by el.carl2

Deep Look

head spiral wtf - 5897765120
Created by butterflyperception

This Bear Knows How to Dress

wtf bears costume funny - 7401750272


creepy face fans T.Shirt wtf - 4038156032

Oh Deer...

animals deer sexy times statue wtf - 4965764864
Created by -Ghost-

Overkill 9000: Shadow World

animals art birds OverKill 9000 pigeons shadows wtf - 4516992256
Created by cyanidemartini

I Need This

wtf funny iphone - 7797680128
Created by ToolBee

Tasty Typing

candy chocolate typing wtf - 4305815296


art monster parade puppets wtf - 3700828928

Oh Dammit, Not Again

wtf - 4890900992
Created by idiotjim
wtf videos - 52642817

Conker's Really Really Bad Fur Day

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How to Kiss a Goat

wtf goats - 7322331904

Hay, Can You Keep It Down Hooper is On

wtf puns horse - 6915893248
Via Country Girl 1997

The Masked Raiders

wtf masks vintage - 7983322112

I Type in Smores

chocolate keyboard wtf - 5155197952
Created by maxystone ( Via 9gag.com )

Red Skull Coin?

awesome captain america skull wtf - 4509451264