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Rock Out With Your 'You Know What' Out

bathroom best of week guitar urinal wtf - 6062954496
Created by el.carl2

I Don't Want to Pee on the Kitty!

hello kitty pee urinal wtf - 5016864000
Created by maxystone

SNES Urinal

urinal video games wtf - 4785891072
Created by Shuko ( Via www.geekologie.com )

Which One Will You Be At?

no no tubes urinal wtf - 5050144256
Created by -Ghost-

Pee on the Dark Side...

darth vader star wars urinal wtf - 4699854848
Via flickr.com/photos/zartimus/

Makes a Strange Sound

bathroom pee urinal wtf - 5020419328
Created by ChaChaCha


legs toilet urinal wtf - 3810121216
Created by Unknown

Need Assistance

creepy urinal wtf - 4982576384
Created by -Ghost-