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Vegetables Don't Just Grow on Trees

tree wtf - 5570235392
Created by ToolBee

Minecraft Tree Punching IRL

minecraft tree wtf - 5599999744
Created by butterflyperception

Wait? Egg Trees are Real?

eggs girl nature tree wtf - 4658183424
Created by cyanidemartini

It Was Left There Awhile

amazing nature tree wtf - 5015836672
Created by -Ghost-

Om Nom Nom

shopped pixels om nom nom fence tree eating - 6769975296
Created by Unknown

what crime did this tree commit to be put in tree jail

tree - 8985718528
Via fartgallery

Wrong Baby

birds tree wrong wtf - 6283551744
Created by butterflyperception

Oh God!...I just peed a little...

creepy tree wtf - 5064707584
Created by -Ghost-

Atomic Tree

photography tree wtf - 5446660864
Created by atriach

Sounds Like Tree...

old piano sound tree wtf - 4794413568
Created by christellar


helicopter holidays really wtf tree wtf - 4199427584
Created by Unknown

Loopy Tree

nature tree - 6497735168
Created by Unknown

Trees Grow From Chairs...

chair tree wtf - 4797328640
Created by Mythax

Happy Tree Is Happy

happy smile tree - 6529559808
Created by Unknown

Damn Nature, You Scary

teeth tree wtf - 6437723392
Via Reddit

Reddit user Noerdy rearranged leaves around the base of a tree in order to make it appear to be glowing. 

tree - 8986871296
Via coolthingoftheday
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