Picture Is Unrelated



guitar transformers wtf - 5585918720
By St4rK1ll3r

A Transformer Popping a Squat in a Residential Neighborhood

funny transformers wtf - 7908537088
By Unknown

Optimus Nerd

nerd transformers wtf - 5705620736
By butterflyperception

USS Detroit on Its Way to the Persian Gulf

aircraft carrier cars transformers wtf - 5706171136
By ShotgunShopping

You Look Pretty

art car transformers wtf - 5084157952
By -Ghost-

Your Gnomes Are Getting Out of Hand

transformers wtf houses - 8012086272
By beernbiccies

Jesusbot, Roll Out!

jesus transformers religion car - 7132703744
Via I Heart Chaos

Check Out That Grill

best of week car transformers wtf - 5779536128
Via magic-eye (source may contain obscene material)

My Controller Is a Transformer, Your Argument Is Invalid

best of week transformers video games wtf - 5742765568
By Asciicodeplus

What Up Optimus?

statue transformers wtf - 5078292736
By maxystone