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Children's Toys At Their Finest

poop toy children - 6886860032
Via Reddit

They Said I Could Be Anything...

they said i could be anything toy head - 7035262976
Created by Unknown

How 'Bout No?

how about no toy - 6624036608
Created by tamaleknight

Tony Starch

iron man potato toy - 6596397568
Created by Unknown

There Is No God

woody toy creepy - 7058746624
Created by Unknown

The Only Teddy Bear That Plays With Himself

toy - 6851269376
Created by Unknown

Live the Dream

best of week dream toy wtf - 6431523840
Created by Unknown
Ad disney toy Video mickey seems legit - 46344961

Kingrobot Mickey and Friends

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bad idea children dogs poop toy Video wtf - 21005569

Children Will Play With Anything...

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feet plastic product toy vagina wtf - 3855501824
Created by Unknown

Obesity Barbie

toy fat Barbie doll - 6740591360
Created by Unknown

Give it a Hug!

creepy pet robot toy wtf - 5181058048
Created by theMasterOfDisaster ( Via www.genpets.com )

Ponthulu F'atgn

cthulhu pony toy wtf - 4895264768
Created by TehD_RXPN

Introducing the Meatix Cube

meat toy wtf - 5902086144
Created by el.carl2

Is That Supposed to Be a Euphemism?

Ad monster toy wtf - 6264266752
Created by butterflyperception

Fun to Use in Other Ways?

children toy - 6578730496
Via Reddit
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