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Here to take a dump? Toilet jokes, memes ,and everything in between will provide you with hours of mirth while you snicker behind your hand. So whether your humor is already as dirty as the flush handle, or you're looking to expand outwards, this hilarious toilet humor will have you chuckling in no time.

Tinest Toilet...

tiny toilet wtf - 4975828736
By maxystone

It's Really Soft But the Plumbing is Terrible...

toilet toilet paper wtf - 4766908928
By geha714

Hey I'm In Here!, And You're Letting All the Cold Air Out!

newspaper sculpture snow toilet wtf - 4866694144
By Snake73

Damn Poop Rabbits

manga poop rabbits toilet wtf - 4975644928
By MauritoSoloa

The Baaaaaathroom

bathroom toilet - 7026257664
By Unknown

You Are the King

king throne toilet wtf - 4904186368
By Snake73

Is That a Fax Machine?!

computer toilet work wtf - 4631529216
By geha714

Here to Check Your Plumbing

hat pipes toilet wtf - 4722716672
By ShotgunShopping

Minty Fresh!

leaves nature toilet wtf - 4972665344
By -Ghost-

Giving the Porcelain Throne an Upgrade

upgrade bathroom toilet - 6854089472
By Unknown

Toilet Wars

toilet funny - 7066732032
By Unknown

Moving Toilet Experience?

scary seriously japan bathroom toilet women - 6874561280
Via Reddit

Do Not Want!

eww mouth toilet wtf - 4924816128
By -Ghost-

Toilet Dining

creepy food toilet wtf - 4290103552
By cyanidemartini


bicycle eww race toilet wtf - 3986034944
By Unknown

I Am Now a Toilet

babe horror man Terrifying toilet wtf - 4567305216
By Unknown
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