Picture Is Unrelated

shopped pixels

Hand-Eye Coordination

shopped pixels wtf - 6153701888

Thumbs Up? No, Heads Up

shopped pixels thumbs up wtf - 6008720128
Created by Matej617

Classic: Watch Out For Sudden Cliffs

Geological phenomenon
Via Autoentropy

Worse Than Sliding on a Hot Sunny Day

shopped pixels slide - 6321257216
Created by butterflyperception


Ad shopped pixels - 7067027200

Guerrilla Chick

gun shopped pixels wtf - 5986493440
Created by butterflyperception

Photoshop Win!

best of week cat dinosaurs mouse shopped pixels wtf - 5988797696
Created by anselmbe

Now Kiss

Facial expression
Via Zacharydupuis (Source may contain obscene material)

A Bottle of Space

shopped pixels space awesome - 7135690240

Rona Lisa

mona lisa painting shopped pixels - 7101361152
Via Neatorama


roommates shopped pixels - 6577005824
Created by Matt

Imma Eat Your Head

shopped pixels burger face swap - 7085623296

Let It Bean

shopped pixels - 7083126016
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