Picture Is Unrelated

shopped pixels

Stretchy Head

head shopped pixels wtf - 5988365056
Created by el.carl2

Reframe: Evolution... It Just Goes On

kim jong-un shopped pixels evolution North Korea - 7008940032
Created by Unknown

Zoey Davechapelle

shopped pixels - 7101176576
Via Reddit


banana fruit shopped pixels wtf - 6154008576
Created by butterflyperception

Pinchable Cheeks

eyes shopped pixels wtf - 6223462912
Created by Pancakes23

Dat Arm

Ad shopped pixels dat arm - 6738944256
Created by Unknown

Nice Abs

Facial expression
Created by Unknown

So Much Classier

mustache shopped pixels sports wtf - 6331613952
Created by Unknown

Classic: Watch Out For Sudden Cliffs

Geological phenomenon
Via Autoentropy

Want a Cat Now?

Cats face mustache shopped pixels wtf - 6339359488
Created by itroitnyah

Yo Dawg, We Gave Your Nose a Nose... But I Wish We Hadn't

shopped pixels Inception nightmare fuel - 6837496832
Created by Unknown

The Polyjuice Potion Has Gone Terribly Awry

best of week Harry Potter Movie shopped pixels wtf - 6440343552
Created by Unknown

A Bottle of Space

shopped pixels space awesome - 7135690240
Created by Unknown
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