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Sesame Street

Count Snoop

costume Sesame Street wtf - 5673973504
Created by insectpins

Evil Ernie Is Evil

Sesame Street wtf - 5896586496
Created by rileyup ( Via snopes.com )

Bert IRL

IRL nightmare fuel Sesame Street wtf - 6307965952
Via Laughing Squid

I Learned So Much About Those Fascist Pigs!

Sesame Street wtf - 4824357376
Created by Unknown
best of week elmo Sesame Street Video - 32161281

Elmo and I Know It

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shapes Sesame Street Video - 42756353

What's an Octagon?

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Bert And Ernie Grew Up

Sesame Street wtf - 7984457984
Created by Unknown
wtf videos Sesame Street funny - 50193665

This Corrupted Sesame Street Game is Terrifying

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Damn Burt... Get a Hair Cut

eww IRL Sesame Street - 4675080192
Created by christellar

Big Bird's Evil Cousin

big bird ostrich Sesame Street wtf - 5705078272
Created by butterflyperception

Yip Yip Yip

Aliens Sesame Street funny - 7495398144
Created by Unknown