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Drop into an Octopus's garden in the shade. Though it might take ten tickles to make an octopus laugh, you'll have a much easier time with these cephalopod puns and jokes.

That's One Hell of a Disclaimer...

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By Baguji

Bears Don't Live With Octopuses

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By ekahnicole

Another Typical Day on the Bus

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By FetziLandmine

Tyranasaurus Octo Duck

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By Unknown
anime Music octopus scary Video wtf - 18620161

Seems Like Fun...If You're into that Sort of Thing

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Do Not Go in That Truck

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By flkandrea


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By Unknown

I Heard Some Noise in My Living Room

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By Unknown

I've Seen Enough Models to Know Where This Is Going

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By butterflyperception


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