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Alright, We've Got to Throw This One Back

boat cat ocean wtf - 6240731392
By Unknown

Just Another Day at the Cylindrical Beach

beach ocean photography wtf - 5534431744
By Maxpowaa

Then the Tide Came In

awesome ocean wtf - 4831345152
By Snake73

The Goblin Shark

shark creepy ocean water - 6680945152
Via Reddit

But I Can't Feed Pigeons Here!

bench ocean pigeons scuba - 4576587776
By ekahnicole

Natural Balancing Act

nature rock ocean cliff - 6827951616
By Unknown

Third Weirdest Thing I've Seen Today...

ocean weird - 6931617280
By savannamia

Perfect Time to Do Some Tanning

beach ocean Subway wtf - 6303807744
By Jelle161994

Safety First

ocean swimming wtf - 5455786240
By butterflyperception

Cloud Tsunami

clouds ocean wtf - 5600024576
By butterflyperception


boats kids ocean wtf - 4689997056
By Snake73