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nightmare fuel

Because When You Don't See Me It'll Be Too Late

scary wtf nightmare fuel trolls - 7329830912
Created by ty_ty_of_jamaica ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Bert IRL

IRL nightmare fuel Sesame Street wtf - 6307965952
Via Laughing Squid

Yo Dawg, We Gave Your Nose a Nose... But I Wish We Hadn't

shopped pixels Inception nightmare fuel - 6837496832
Created by Unknown

Birthday Zombie

birthday creepy kid nightmare fuel zombie - 6537368320
Via Jacobtacular

My Little Nightmare Fuel

creepy eyes my little pony nightmare fuel - 6597516544
Created by satablank ( Via boingboing.net )

This Sucks

horror sucks clown creepy nightmare fuel - 6924526080
Created by savannamia ( Via Geekosystem )

Skinless Elmo is Pretty Terrifying

gifs toys elmo nightmare fuel wtf - 7374006784
Via Gizmodo
wtf gifs singing nightmare fuel - 48904705


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Hello Mommy

antique best of week creepy doll nightmare fuel wtf - 6443331840
Via Reddit

Oh God, Kill It With Fire!!!!

creepy Kill It With Fire nightmare fuel - 6558133760
Created by Unknown

You're Welcome For the Nightmares

best of week creepy kid nightmare fuel wtf - 5655624448
Created by ThisIsAMeme ( Via failgif.com )

Holy Nightmare Fuel

wtf gifs creepy nightmare fuel funny face paint - 7471902976
Created by Unknown

You Love Lucy, Don't You?

nightmare fuel toy wtf - 6303519744
Created by Unknown

What Did You Just Say?

creepy mask nightmare fuel - 6943188992
Via Tumblr

Nightmare Mobile

teenage mutant ninja turtles wtf nightmare fuel funny - 7604879872
Created by Unknown

Now We Turn the Lights Off and Wait For My Roommate

clowns nightmare fuel roommates - 6595799040
Created by tamaleknight
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