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Dolan IRL?

IRL news wtf - 6201719552
By SlightlySardonic

Man in Goat Suit, Lives With Goats

goats hunting man news suit wtf - 6469548288
Via Seattle Times

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Has Returned

news goat Harry Potter voldemort attack - 6812422912
Via Pleated Jeans

Those Eyes!

crazy eyes gifs news people wtf - 4832982528
By Unknown

I Love That Show!

creepy ghost news wtf - 4818084864
By locodice

Candidates for the Czech Republic Presidential Race

news politics - 6958343424
Via Reddit

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, Cause He's Flashing Er'ybody Up in Here

Screen grab of Phoenix news about a suspicious flashlight that was found in the street.
By ArtBot

Meanwhile, in the UK

news Meanwhile - 7066976256
Via Tumblr

You Too, Raging Fire!

news wtf - 6414305536
Via Pleated Jeans

Best Accident Ever

accident best of week news wtf - 6328026368
By Unknown

Have You Ever Accidentally Changed Races?

gifs news race when you see it - 6554632704
Via Sofa Pizza

This Is Neither Breaking Nor News

news TV - 6549393408
Via Pleated Jeans

I Heard You Like Twins...

news twins parents - 6769982976
By Unknown

Way More Common Than You'd Think

guns news wtf panda - 7148289536
Via Autoentropy


animals Germany news wtf - 4310280960
By ehr891 (Via www.telegraph.co.uk)

Tufty Terror

news halloween squirrel skull - 6720020224
By Unknown
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