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Too Much Love Will Kill You

art cds love Music queen - 6552281600
Created by ChasmSpasm ( Via Boredpanda )

And That Kids, Is How I Met Your Robo-Father

wtf robots love funny vintage - 7813260032
Created by Unknown
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This is the Way People Love Each Other

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Created by Unknown
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I Love Bananas

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Love is a Drug

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Created by Heppi-Noise ( Via Ryan Pagelow )

Nothing Says Love Like Watermelon

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Created by Unknown


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Created by patrickf


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Created by Unknown

Maybe There is Hope For Universal Peace

Aliens wtf hugging love - 7341090048
Via Diabolik Widow

I Think That's the Problem

love manga wtf - 6120547584
Created by Unknown
advertisement creepy food Japan love Video - 20293889

A Love Supreme...

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Unheard of in the 30s

gay jokes love romance wtf - 4531484928
Created by Saran_wrap_sculpture

Love, Redefined

wtf zombie love funny - 7826529280
Created by ToolBee


best of week dinosaur love wtf - 6221230848
Created by thesignpainter

Love Is Magic

best of week cgi finger heart love nightmare fuel wtf - 5629988096
Created by butterflyperception
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