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Best Invention Ever.

coffee cup invention wtf - 4741337344
By mxpklx

Magic Chair?

awesome chair invention magic wtf - 5026716672
By -Ghost-

Personal Helicopter

best of week flying helicopter invention wtf - 5911660800
By butterflyperception

Everyone Needs One

invention wtf - 5280883712
By Unknown

The Sideways Bike

bike invention sideways wtf - 6436916224
Via Dumb Inventions

HOLY CRAP! That's Awesome

crazy elephant invention wtf - 5050047488
By -Ghost-

Looks Comfy

chair full body comfy invention - 6822961152
Via Reddit
balls wtf invention - 75398913

WTF of The Day: This Guy is Crowdfunding His Realistic Scrotum Backpack

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Just Taking the Baby out for a Post-Apocalyptic Stroll

baby gas mask invention stroll wtf - 6186787584
Via www.boredpanda.com