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What a Face...WOOF!

eww hair wtf - 5187138816
By Alexwin

That's Team Work

face hair wtf - 6057913600
By butterflyperception

Extra Long Eyelashes

eyes hair wtf - 5451691264
By butterflyperception

Fierce Fruit

creepy eww fruit hair - 4652195584
By Assass1n

This Flowbee Experience is Rough

hair wtf funny vacuum - 7742536448
By Unknown

Lady Gaga, 1961-style

hair style wtf - 4548813056
By Unknown

There's a Hair in My Tea

hair tea wtf - 6206187520
By butterflyperception

Lobster Princess

hair wtf lobsters funny - 7655251968
By butterflyperception

This Hairstyle is Handful

hands hair wtf - 7936786432
By Unknown

The Hair of Party Animals

animals awesome hair - 6307536384
By Unknown

I'm Not Sure Which Is Worse: His Hair or His Name

hair marijuana wtf - 5919842560
By el.carl2

He Always Wanted a Brother

hair cat eyes - 7047015936
By Unknown

Give Yourself A Round of Applause

Japan gifs funny hair wtf - 7890945792
Via Strawberry Cheese Cake


hair helicopter - 6738301184
By Unknown

Japan Takes Their Mullets Very Seriously

hair Japan - 6738357760
Via Reddit
hair Japan sweet Video wtf - 18969089

Clap Your Hair

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