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The Costanza Cycle

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Via Extraterrestrial Dad

Rob Ford Just Tore a Hole in The Reality Continuum

gifs glitches rob ford wtf - 7913383168
Via Mate Quest

Perfect For Getting Your Creepy Face Together

wtf gifs lipstick Japan make up funny - 7752075520
Via Monkeys For Helping

Office Rage

bears gifs Office rage wtf - 6462609152
Created by Unknown

He'll Keep a Safe And Clean Home

russia guns wtf gifs funny dating - 7740928512
Created by Unknown

Comfort at All Costs

wtf gifs comfort funny - 7545577728
Created by Unknown

Is This an Ice Cream Scooper?

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Created by Unknown

Happy Jello

gifs Jello happy - 7091264000
Created by grellisabrony

Goat Head, Those Shoes Don't Even Fit You

wtf heads gifs goats funny - 7456286464
Via Cheezburger iOS Builder

Getz Outz The Sproutz!

wtf gifs funny - 7560125696
Created by Ultimatenick37

Fast Food in Japan is Scary

wtf gifs Japan the ring funny fast food - 7732869888
Created by Unknown

Have You Ever Accidentally Changed Races?

gifs news race when you see it - 6554632704
Via Sofa Pizza

Dolphin Is Excite

gifs dolphin - 7061734912
Created by Unknown

I've Been Telling You the Cat Is Possessed

gifs cat possessed - 7094116096
Created by Unknown

Give Yourself A Round of Applause

Japan gifs funny hair wtf - 7890945792
Via Strawberry Cheese Cake

To Gettysburg We Go!

lincoln history gifs bears america lasers - 7208415232
Created by Unknown
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