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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Not The First Drugs I've Seen in a Cop Car!

car cop drugs pipe wtf - 5196130048
By mischa3x4

Is it Drugs?

drugs spray wtf - 5083816448
By -Ghost-


cute drugs penis wtf - 4445019392
By Unknown


creepy drugs lsd rainbow wtf - 3842877696
By xXLycaeumXx

Corgi Is a Hell of a Drug

Battle best of week drugs painting wtf - 6280800256
By Ratatosk (Via I Love Corgis)

I Gave This Gelato a Standing Ovation

boner drugs - 6544450304
Via Tyler Oakley

The Pancake is All in Your Mind, Bro

drugs floating pancake wtf - 4854987264
By TheMetalCat

Nutella is One Hell of a Drug

yikes wtf drugs sad but true funny - 7633896704
By _Filler-

It Started It

drugs newspaper - 6964287744
Via Tumblr

But Radioactive Ooze Is Still Cool

Music drugs TMNT rap - 7133165312
By Unknown
1980s drugs jk psa snake Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 14974209

Now I want some Weed

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wtf drugs Video - 77886977

Eating Mail is a Hell of a Drug

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Does Not Want

bewbs drugs gross icecream milk wtf - 6455975680
Via Reddit


candles costume device drugs guy wtf - 3776157952
By Unknown

Classic: I Hate It When That Happens

Ad poop drugs friends - 6748617216
By Unknown

It Will Relax You Immediately

best of week drugs marijuana wtf - 5007982592
By Unknown
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