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These Little Piggies Stayed Home

creepy dogs people pig wtf - 4826311936
Via Final Ellipsis

Piranha Plant IRL

dogs IRL mario wtf - 5712710656
Created by rcdude


animals dogs pink walking wtf - 3578312704
Created by Unknown

Don't Mess With the Cat

cat advertisement Flower dogs funny - 7113486336
Created by WinterLove111

When You See It

dogs school wtf funny - 7839887872
Created by anselmbe

I'd Like to Deposit This

dogs i have no idea what im doing jk - 6535069952
Created by Unknown

Couldn't We Just Have Gotten a Dog?

dinosaur dogs pet t rex wtf - 6240569600
Created by Unknown

What Strange Dogs

dogs wtf boots funny - 7809948416
Created by Unknown

When You Think About It That Could Describe Anyone

costume poop factory dogs - 7056345600
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Man's Best Friend

dogs fish man statue wtf - 4773457664
Created by SgtSquishy

Helper Dog

cool dogs wtf wheelchair - 6920759040
Created by Unknown


cool dogs driving glasses vintage wtf - 4136218880
Created by Unknown

We Have No Idea What We're Doing

laptops dogs i have no idea what im doing - 7016479744
Created by Unknown

A Lady in the Streets But a Tramp in the Bed

funny memes dog predator

Just Cruising Around Looking for Beezies

dogs - 7055874816
Created by Unknown

Great Swimmer Too

dogs wtf ducks funny - 7578956544
Created by dose-that-trigger-you99 ( Via A Blog About An Angler Fish )