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Two Japanese Kids

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By Unknown
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Happy Chinese New Year! Here are 540 Dancing Robots to Get Your Year of the Monkey Started Right

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If Boots Could Kill...

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By butterflyperception
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Jimbles Has a Snake in His Shoes

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By Unknown
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That's not how <i>Kung Fu Fighting</i> Goes

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How To Make Your Enemies Your Friends

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Via The Perfect Cell
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Creepy Comes in all Sizes

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The Dancing Towers in Hamburg, Germany

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By Cyberkedi
dancing dogs disco TV Video - 45374977

Disco Dogs

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Just Three Boys

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The Doritos Dance

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The Horse Girl Boogie

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The Creepy Jazz Box

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By butterflyperception

Miraculous Moves?

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I Think Those Bottles Have Something to Do With His Dancing Ability

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