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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.


cute dogs practical wtf - 4512380672
Via thedailywh.at

So Happy

bunny cute happy Japan wtf - 5049441792
By Zexxify

D'awww, How Cute

guns cat weirdo creepy cute - 6687407616
Via Reddit
best of week centaur cute explosion rainbow Video wtf - 28373249

Origins of Nyan Cat

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Ai Can Sucks Ur Blud, Plz?

best of week cute vampire wtf - 5840705792
By Unknown

Shave the Rabbit, They Said. It'll Be Cute, They Said

best of week cute rabbit wtf - 6260760576
By Unknown


anthropomorphic celeb cute picture wtf - 4245354752
By christellar


art cat cute plate wtf - 4269969920
By Unknown

Sure Ya Are

face cute cartoons - 6870271232
Via Pleated Jeans

Hula Hoop Cats

cat cute family - 7020118272
By Unknown

Am I Cute?

cute Mitt Romney shopped kawaii categoryimage - 6637219072
By satablank (Via Satablank (Source may contain obscene material))

Wait a Second, You're Not My Teeth!

bat cute teeth toothbrush wtf - 6252328448
By nej_simon
cute french Video - 21804545

Is That the French Diglet?

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There's Hope For Us All

Alf wtf cute Cats funny - 7710240512
Via Wonder Woman Zombies
crash cute kitties Video - 19512065

Crash Test Kittens

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Why Wouldn't You Dye a Lamb?

cute pink wtf - 4860322816
By jerrygarciuh
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