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They Just Opened

creepy legit McDonald's wtf - 4885279488
By Snake73

Ominous Pottery

creepy heads mannequin plants wtf - 4466714624
By Unknown

Nightmare Food... I Mean Fuel

creepy food nightmare fuel - 6578774784
Via Pleated Jeans

It's so Realistic

costume creepy the simpsons - 6891324928
Via Radio Grips (Source may contain obscene material)


animal-non-human creepy eating wtf - 4768145152
By raikon_chemlyk
creepy Japan Video - 25506305


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Zombie Gnomes: Bye Bye Birdie

wtf art creepy funny - 7681971968
By Serrena (Via Dude I Want That)

Do Not Want

clown plate creepy pig nightmare fuel antique - 6901072384
Via Reddit

Nightmare Puppets

creepy nightmare fuel puppets - 6923196672
Via Pizza Time
wtf creepy videos dolls funny - 55404289

The Last Sound Before Your Doom

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Something's Leaking

creepy house wtf - 5009088512
By christellar (Via scodal.tumblr.com)

Barbie Without Makeup

Barbie creepy make up - 7020119552
By Unknown

Ok..I'm Done...

caterpillar creepy doll wtf - 5295867648
By butterflyperception

Mer-man Is Damn Sexy

cop creepy wtf - 5257887488
By insectpins
commercial creepy TV Video - 33665025

And This Is Why I Have an Xbox

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Stephen Tyler?

creepy face paint mouth wtf - 4721475072
By christellar
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