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Before There Were Ski-Doos

wtf chairs ice funny - 7843407872
By beernbiccies

Sometimes You Gotta Share a Chair

wtf chairs funny - 7701677568
Via I Raff I Ruse

Just Trying to Find a Seat

rocks wtf chairs funny - 7924215296
By Unknown


chairs lol water wtf - 3043101696
By Unknown

It Looks Like There's a Seating Shortage

chairs floating wtf - 6267922944
By Kualinar (Via Meteomedia)

Gotta Hand It To Him

wtf chairs hands funny seems legit - 7571821312
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Gun Seat

guns wtf chairs seats - 7958438144
By Unknown

Have You Ever Had a Chair Sit On You?

wtf chairs costume funny - 7688370688
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I'm Not Convinced They're Not Really Tiny Horses

furniture tiny table chairs horses farm - 6822894848
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Finally Came Down From That Beanstalk

art chairs giant table wtf - 4925145088
By -Ghost-

Jesus Died For Your Sits

jesus wtf chairs funny - 7724085248
By dose-that-trigger-you99 (Via 1-9-9-8.tumblr.com)