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Vegetarians' Worst Nightmare

best of week meat suit wtf - 6247852800
By Zakael

Expectations Shattered

best of week wtf - 5520508416
By turbolego

His Milkshakes Bring All the Boys to the Yard

best of week celeb wtf - 5703650816

Of Course There are Muppets in SPAAAACE

best of week kermit muppets stormtrooper wtf - 5244322816
By ralok (Via instagr.am)

Bikini Bottom OVER 9000!!!!

best of week dragonball z over 9000 SpongeBob SquarePants wtf - 6443345664
Via Pleated Jeans
best of week Lord of the Rings song Video - 33629441

Nimoy Baggins

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Where's Jason?

best of week wtf - 6125019904
By Unknown

Classic: Yep, That's How It Works

best of week grocery store hunting newspaper wtf - 6494056448
By Unknown

The One and Only

best of week toy unicorn wtf - 6336029952
By Unknown

I'd Watch It

best of week Movie wtf - 6158832384
By Unknown

This Guy Is Hardcore

best of week hardcore video game wtf - 5845597952
By GameRat

So That's Why They're Fuzzy!

best of week bird fruit wtf - 5203910912
By Danielle.Alexandra

Drinking in Style

awesome best of week drinking skull wtf - 6307712000
By Unknown

When It Rains... It Pours

best of week wtf zombie - 6300207360
By Mortuaryjoe

Don't Touch The Candy At This Guy's House

best of week candy halloween wtf - 5372472576
By ChaChaCha

Those Things Are Just Dangerous

best of week Fan Art wtf zelda - 5916433664
By butterflyperception (Via angimoto)
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