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Cat Armor

armor Cats knight - 6974916608
Via Jeff De Boer

Gladiators Were A Lot Sweeter Than Originally Thought

wtf costume armor funny - 7583763968
Created by Unknown

Tired of People Trying to Hug You?

armor hugging - 6482337280
Created by TSA1984


armor art ball bubble costume wtf - 4041243392
Created by Unknown

This Ain't No Zaku, Boy!

wtf swords Japan armor funny seems legit - 7534087936
Via Matome

Sir Nutcelot

armor best of week knight sir squirrel wtf - 6031182336
Created by butterflyperception

The Other Knightrider

armor best of week motorcycle wtf - 5853252352
Created by Spike.G

My Clothes Are a Bit Stiff

trees wtf armor funny - 7924222976
Created by Unknown