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Pure Genius

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Children These Days!

wtf anime sad but true funny children - 7577654016
By Sick-Sht

Punishing Playground

wtf gifs anime costume chickens funny - 7592616704
By butterflyperception


anime FAIL Japan wtf - 4309643008
By Unknown

Damn Contacts

anime contacts creepy wtf - 4979457280
By deathwish01b

Oh Hey, Girl

anime mask wtf sweater - 7255684608
By Unknown


anime McDonald's totoro wtf - 5737329408
By butterflyperception

Working Out Affects You In Different Ways

wtf anime weight lifting - 7406085120
By Unknown

Nailed It!

anime best of week halloween wtf - 5372478464
By butterflyperception
wtf monster anime videos funny - 54764289

That's Anime For You

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Real-Life Anime Girl

anime creepy doll IRL make up real life - 6631875072
Via Boing Boing

There is Now a Line of Upskirt Anime Umbrellas in Japan

wtf japan anime - 8604792576
By jinrex015
Music wtf anime videos sailor moon - 49767681

Sailor Moon Affects People in Crazy Ways

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Uhm...Sure, Why Not

anime bewbs - 4550638592
By lol_saint

Well, That's Another One Ruined...

anime totoro wtf - 4888103936
By ekahnicole

Hanging With The Girls

wtf anime cars masks funny - 7778808064
By Unknown
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