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Didn't Quite Make It

beatles car road Sad wtf - 4846476800
By JMJMad1

Good Use for Old Carriers...

aircraft carrier golf Sad wtf - 4712790784
By Snake73
Stories of times people were very misjudged | MAXIMILIAN-MV 32.6k points 3 days ago My ex wife convinced had another family another state. Simply because she heard kids voice background traveling work and sitting restaurant once. During divorce depositions once spent full day being questioned, and half questions were slightly different wordings so have another family/child/spouse/kid/dependent/etc.

Times People Were Awkwardly Misjudged

Assumptions can really mess things up.
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people puppets Sad wtf - 3448096768
By Unknown

Patrolling Naboo

beach Sad stormtrooper - 4576937984
By JohnVarano

Sweet Flying Machine...

flying machine Sad suit wtf - 4695856896
By Unknown

The Saddest

best of week chicken egg food Sad wtf - 6158152192
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bears bed Sad wtf - 3849160448
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Watching You Pee Makes Kitty Sad

bathroom kitty pee Sad wtf - 5465696768
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Happy Lincoln Is Happy

happy lincoln Sad - 6662601984
By Mission_Possible


building Sad window wtf - 3464331520
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I Poop Where I Want

cat poop Sad wtf - 6206181632
By butterflyperception

Why So Sad?

Sad star wars wtf - 5628986112
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Sad Elmo

Sad costume park elmo - 6791830528
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But Don't Get Your Hopes Up

love parents Sad - 6563519744
By butterflyperception