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Choose Wisely

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By AdiTeacha

Office Rage

bears gifs Office rage wtf - 6462609152
By Unknown

You Just Need a Black & White Copier...

Office stormtrooper wtf - 5198059264
By maxystone

My Coworkers...

gross microwave Office work wtf - 6443258368
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By -Ghost-

Somebody Was a Bit Angry

Office angry keyboard - 6723731712
By jtcaseley1

Do I Look Not Busy To You?

wtf dolls Office funny - 7712559616
By Unknown

Taking a Nap at Work

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By zvib4012 (Via www.misakoandrosen.com)

This Weird Hand Designed to Keep You Upright at Work Won't Make You Hate Your Menial Desk Job Any Less

weird japanese products anti slouching robot arm
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