Funny animal memes | Give Us Child three ducks chasing a woman protecting a young kid | Why do these pandas look like they're posing boy band album cover @tank.sinatra

Animal Memes For All the Folks Who Prefer Them To People

Who wouldn't?
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Funny history memes, humor, lol

History Memes For Humor-Minded Buffs

It's easy to idealize the past when the present is, um, lacking. Maybe that's why nostalgia is so present in media. We're not just talking about those ‘90s kids memes . We're talking about all the music that
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Funny random memes, dank memes, humor, lol

An Army of Funny Memes to Defend Against Boredom

Don't let the boredom win
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work, work memes, job, work, employee, coworkers, manager, memes, funny, funny memes

The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (July 11, 2022)

Ah sh*t, here we go again
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An article about the memes that have sprouted up from the Beanie Feldstein Lea Michele Funny Girl Drama.

Glee Fans Meme About Lea Michele Replacing Beanie Feldstein in Funny Girl

I know what you're probably thinking: Broadway Twitter drama? That sounds pretty niche and inaccessible to the non- theatre kids among us. However, there's no need to fear. This story lives at the intersection of broken dreams, Ryan Murphy's, Glee (2009-2015), and illiteracy. It also pits two actresses together in a Bette vs. Joan-esque feud, the likes of which the world hasn't seen in years. Fasten your seatbelts.
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Angry memes

Aggro Memes For People Who Are Permanently Cranky

There are an awful lot of cranky people in this world. And honestly, I can't blame them. The world is a really disappointing place. It is a huge challenge to wake up on the right side of the bed, especially in the world we're living in. It's no wonder I see so many miserable faces on the street, and it's no wonder that people have been acting a lot angrier . That's how it is New York, at least. Some weird energy. And a lot of it is negative. Sometimes when you're feeling pissed at the world, yo…
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elvis, elvis presley, communion, impression, catholicism, kid, funny, tiktok

Former Theater Kid Delights Internet Sharing Campy Elvis Impression at First Communion

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malicious compliance, horrible bosses, work, anti work, dress code, funny, reddit thread, reddit, jobs

Boss Chides Employee for Wearing Shorts to Work, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Nobody likes a boss who arbitrarily makes up reasons to berate their employees just because they're having a bad day and feel like taking it out on someone. When redditor u/bear-mc showed up to work wearing totally normal khaki shorts due to the hot weather, their boss used it as an opportunity to reprimand them. The boss demanded that OP “follow the dress code to the book," and OP complied…maliciously.
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Funny random memes and tweets

A Chaotic Compilation of Scrollable Memes & Things

Pure chaos. That's how much of the internet seems to me, especially lately. The other night I got that notification about Shinzo Ab e as I found out that one of my memes about something lewd went viral. I cared more about the latter, but that's also because of my politics. Anyway, there's been nothing but good news here in New York as we brace ourselves for yet another sh*ty wave of the newest C-word, and it's time to get really comfortable with the weirdness of the worldwide web. There's no be…
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A list of random memes and tweets.

A Solid Chunk of Funky Fresh Memes

Here we go again, back at it with another steaming hot plate of memes for your consumption. It must be so nice to have delicious memes provided to you every night without effort on your part. Some people in this world slave away, looking for memes far and wide to feel their ever-growing families. When I was a boy, I used to walk 20 miles uphill and back in the snow to get to school. What does that have to do with memes you might ask? Absolutely nothing, but I just wanted to rub it in that your…
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Cursed and creepy images

A Curious Collection of Weird & Cursed Images

Everyone likes looking at nice things. Last night I stared at a beautiful blue sky. My eyes delighted in all the flowers blooming in my neighborhood. They really loved glancing upon some stray cats sunning themselves in and old woman's beautifully manicured yard. Who doesn't enjoy a sunset, or a stunning ocean view? You'd be hard-pressed to find an individual with that much contempt for beauty. But at the end of the day, sometimes we get a bit of a more visceral reaction from looking at images…
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kids, food, kid, child, children, vegetables, gross, parent, parenting, life hacks, clever, mealtime, eating

Twitter Users Reveal Genius Parenting Hacks For Duping Kids Into Eating Healthy Foods

Why eat broccoli when you could have dinosaur trees?
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A compilation of irritating pictures with something off about them.

Images That Could Enrage Or Slightly Annoy You

Every day of your life, you have experienced something that doesn't quite go your way. Whether it be the food you ordered getting messed up, someone cutting you off in traffic, or something as simple as seeing a piece of trash on the ground. For little slights like this, you have a choice of whether to get inconsolably angry or let it roll off like water off a duck's back. Depending on the circumstances, it's usually best you choose the latter option. If not, you might risk making a scene or be…
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Frog memes, funny frog memes

A Fat Stack of Dank Frog Memes

There's no denying it: Frog memes are definitely a thing. They may not quite as popular as the racoon, possum, or " monke" memes that have been flying around over the last year, but popular nonetheless. It's not hard to see why. The critters are usually cute as hell - and as a fun bonus, they come in all kinds of sizes! Did you know that the the biggest frog known to humans s the aptly named "Goliath frog?" The behemoth grow to a massive 12.5 inches and weigh more than half that. The smallest?…
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Funny twitter thread where people share their most controversial food takes, food content

Shameful Food Takes That May Warrant Cancellation

If there's one dumb thing in the world that people love to get heated over, it's food. Most people (unless they're sociopaths who'd rather take a pill than eat) have intense opinions about that stuff we need to eat to survive. The opinions can be as normal as “X is the best place to dine on X,” or as freakish as the Swedish belief that bananas should be on pizza. And no, we're not making that one up. As anyone on the internet can attest, people who like pineapple on pizza get ragged on regularl…
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dodged a bullet, reddit, askreddit, reddit thread, lucky, interesting, covid-19, accidents, relationships, butterfly effect, chaos theory, chance

Miraculous Times Lucky People Dodged A Bullet

Some people have a knack for avoiding disaster
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